Create your own maxi dress with these simple steps
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  • Posted February 03, 2016
Create your own maxi dress with these simple steps

Today's Sewing Project: Maxi Dress

Today's Sewing Project: Maxi Dress

Making a Maxi Dress can be simple, the first thing to do is of course, prepare the cloth. A 72 inches knit cloth which is 60 inches wide would do. First, lay the fabric in a flat surface, and fold the selvedgeedges so that it will meet in the center then place the pattern in one fold. Cut around the neckline, sleeve and shoulder of the pattern. Widened it out under the armpit until you have the desired maxi dress length. Then cut identical pieces for both sides.

After that, proceed to sewing. First should be the shoulder seams going down to the side seams. When the front and back pieces are connected, proceed to the sleeves and neckline

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Add an elastic casing at the waist so that it have a good grip in the dress. To do this, cut a strip of knit, make sure it is long enough to go all the way around the waistline of the dress. Place the end of casing in the middle of the waistline of the dress and place the other end all the way around the dress until it is back in the middle waist in front. Here comes the last and tricky part, sewing the casing. Cut an elastic that is just about


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