Top 5 Sewing Tips to Remember Before Starting a Project
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  • Posted January 05, 2016
Top 5 Sewing Tips to Remember Before Starting a Project

Top 5 Sewing Tips to Remember Before Starting a Project

Top 5 Sewing Tips to Remember Before Starting a Project

When you’re a beginner at sewing, there’s always that urge to start a project right away. And although you might hope for the best things to happen, it’s sometimes the other way around. Why? It’s because there are plethora of things you need to keep in mind in sewing.

Well, if you’re new to this craft and would like to know how to do it professionally, follow these tips. You’ll be surprised with how awesome your sewing results are.

Always Start Simple

Sewing a button to a shirt.(Picture from

Don’t just go choosing a tailored, lined jacket as your first sewing goal. Regardless of using the item right away, you don’t necessarily have to make things hard for you. Instead, go with simpler projects like items for giveaways or something that you can use for yourself.

Put Value in Your Work Area

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There are various places that you can deem your work area. It could be in your living room or your kitchen table. The idea, however, is to make sure that little hands are safely away from all sharp tools and possible choking hazards. Safety gates are a wonderful thing! Very few people start sewing with a dedicated sewing room. Just remember that sewing rooms tend to be a dream that takes time to achieve for all most everyone.

Gather Your Stuff

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Truth is you don’t need a lot of tools in order to get started, but having the right equipment within your reach is a plus. Hence make an effort to keep them hand, so you can concentrate on what you’re currently doing. In fact, you can consider owning a basic hand sewing kit, as it’s a great way to get thing started.

Know Your Machine

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Here, you can either use scraps of fabric or rags to practice sewing straight lines and playing with the adjustments on your sewing machine. Learning on scraps, particularly, will save you hours of mastering how to use a seam ripper. Learn about needle position and guides before you start a project so that you can. The key is to familiarize the tools and/or machine you’re going to use.

Always Take the Time to Press

A device used in pressing in sewing.(Picture from

Basically, it’s “always press as you go.” Press seams as they were sewn and then open or to one side. Press each step of your sewing processes, so everything is pressed in place as you continue sewing. Keeping things pressed, flat and smooth will give you accurate results, leading to a much better fitting and a pleasing outcome.


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