New Sewing Ideas from Simplicity Patterns
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  • Posted July 04, 2016
New Sewing Ideas from Simplicity Patterns

Try These Simplicity Patterns To Expand Your Sewing Portfolio

Try These Simplicity Patterns To Expand Your Sewing Portfolio

Perhaps, you’ve been sewing for a couple of months already and have mastered all the basic sewing projects available. You’ve also embarked on some challenging crafts like knitting, upholstery, among others. Wherever you are in your sewing journey, it always pays to explore new ways to grow in your craft. One of the ways to do that is to explore new patterns to embark on.

Simplicity patterns are among the friendliest providers of detailed and elegant sewing patterns of today. Although the brand has been in the industry for decades, the creative team behind Simplicity continue to expand their designs to adapt to the modern trends. Aside from that, Simplicity patterns are also consumer favorite mainly due to their highly customizable designs.

So, if you are looking for new inspirations for sewing, here are some Simplicity-inspired projects that you can work on:

Tunic tops

Simplicity patterns are widely known for their simple and versatile patterns. Under their dresses and tops category, you can find several mini-dresses and tunic tops that you can try. The patterns have variations for the neckline and sleeves, which is very common in Simplicity patterns. It gives you more freedom to work on a style and cut that works best for your fashion taste and comfort. These tunic tops are best made with light fabric, so you can wear them during spring to summer.

ITY Knit Skirts

I’m pretty sure you’ve done several skirts during the early stages of your sewing. Skirts are after all among the easiest pattern to follow. But, just when you think you’ve explored every possible skirt projects that you can, Simplicity patterns will give an ITY knit. This makes the skirt look more flowy and girly. If you haven’t tried any major knitting project before, doing the ITY knit will be a good start.

Wrap Dress

Simplicity patterns is one of my go-to sewing pattern when I need to make a dress. They have all the elegant designs that you can imagine, and most of these are fortunately unique and easy to sew. A good sewing project prospect to follow with one of the Simplicity Patterns would be a wrap dress. We’ve previously posted about this project before, but the pattern did not come from Simplicity. This time, you can add waist ties for a more fitted look. Contrary to the other wrap dress fitting that are more loosely fit.

Do you have a favorite Simplicity pattern? Share it with us, below!


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