Sew your own computer accessories on your own.
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  • Posted June 17, 2016
Sew your own computer accessories on your own.

Easy Sewing Projects: Computer Desk Accessories

Easy Sewing Projects: Computer Desk Accessories

This may seem like an unlikely combo - computers and threads. However, any sewing blogger would definitely come up with creative ideas on how to have a cross over between the two hobbies, and a fun way to do that is to decorate our computer station. Interested? Here are some new easing sewing project ideas to get you started.

1. Fabric Mouse Pad - It's always fun to replace that boring mousepads with our own design, our own color selections. So, if you happen to be a fan of sewing, this is definitely something that you may want to try.

You can either start by finding a spare fabric around your stash, our you can buy a new one for this project. However, since this will require minimal fabric, it is recommended to simply recycle.

If you do not have an available mouse pad mat yet, you might also need to buy one.Once all these basic requirements are set, you can then start on covering the mat with your choice of fabric, carefully sewing through the edges. You can do this in less than 15 minutes, there's definitely room for more projects like this that you can give as gifts.

2. Keyboard cushion - I am probably not the only one who keeps complaining about pain on my upper wrists because of almost an entire day of dealing with my keyboard.

So, another fun idea is to simply create a DIY keyboard cushion. If you can see the prices for these products online, you will definitely want to just create your own, because it will mean huge savings on your part. Again, the main requirement is just a spare fabric that you have from your stock. You can decide whether to use foam, ergo beads, or even just rice as the filling.

The fun part about this project? You get to make your own pattern! Just remember to always base it on the current keyboard that you are using. After that, sew the fabric together, leaving one side open where you can start pouring your filling. Sew securely.

3. Monitor cover - whether you are using a desktop or laptop for most of your work, you can always make good use of a cute monitor cover. It is both decorative and functional, so I am pretty sure this is worthwhile project to focus your time on. Besides, this sewing project will not take up more than an hour, as well. Start with a soft, stretchable fabric.

If you are not yet comfortable working with stretchy fabrics, you can simply opt for any option that are smooth enough, so not to scratch the monitor screen in the long run. Simply measure the sides and depth of your monitor then start sewing straight stitch along the edges of the fabric.

When you have alll these new accessories around your computer desk, it will easily scream your personality as an owner - creative and well, a sewing hobbyist.


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