Velour Fabric: History and How It Became Popular
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  • Posted November 11, 2015
Velour Fabric: History and How It Became Popular

Velour Fabric: History and How It Became Popular

Velour Fabric: History and How It Became Popular

Velour Fabric has numerous theories about where it originated, but most people agree that it first came somewhere in the Far East and was carried along the legendary Silk route by Arabs to Europe. Velour or “velours,” which is a French word for velvet, and, like velvet, velour is like woven by a special process with looped threads that are cut to form a pile, or textured surface, the difference of velour to velvet is the fabric form which it is woven. While velvet is most often made of silk or the synthetic fabrics nylon or acetate, velour is simply loosely woven of cotton, which sometimes can blend with synthetic fiber.

Its History and Popularity

Velour Fabric gained popularity as a fabric clothing since 1970s, as what others would mention, no one knows who invented this fabric or even where it came from. However, rumor has it that it really originated somewhere else in Arabs.

Often ridiculed for its upholstery background, clothing made of velour were worn by the famous band Bee Gees during the 1970’s and have put a fashion towards it; hence many young people on that times began to consider the fabric chip and modern. The velour fabric popularity also relied on the previous decade.

Famous rock band Bee Gees.(Picture from

Way back in 1960s young men started to begun to rebel against the conservative dress of previous generations and started to wear more colored, casual clothes. By that time, velour fashion has been scattered to many places throughout television and radio’s. Most of the sewers or fashion designers during that time sew comfortable colorful shirts and pants for men and women alike, all of which were made of velour fabric.

Notable Velour-Made Garments

The most recognizable velour garment of the 1970s is the jogging suit worn by any men and women. Maybe speculated that they have their own elucidation of what fashion is, and we’re here so lucky that the fashion of velour fabric has evolved into what we didn’t expect from the past ages. Not to mention the most known of the ages sportswear company such as Adidas began to make brightly pattered velour into jogging suits, with a loosely fitted top and pants made of matching fabric. They have also modified the version of the velour that was used in the popular television series “Star Trek” (1966-69). They basically amend the velour version into a jogging suit, which has inspired futuristic clothing on science fiction nowadays. This reached its peak of popularity in syndication in the 1970s.

Women wearing garments made of velour fabric.(Picture from

It is poignant that times in 1970s fashion velour actually went out of fashion during the 1980s as men returned to a more conservative, buttoned-down look. However, the fabric came back into its fashion in lately 1990s to 2000. Some of the singers and actresses, particularly Jennifer Lopez, introduced her own line of velour fashion and another fabric clothing also known as Gabardine Fabric. At present times if you look or find a velour fabric they are actually used now for bath clothing/bath robe, while some are being used as bed sheets, carpets, etc.


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