5 Awesome Tips in Sewing Your Own Wedding Dress
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  • Posted December 11, 2015
5 Awesome Tips in Sewing Your Own Wedding Dress

Want to Sew Your Own Wedding Dress? Follow These 5 Awesome Tips

Want to Sew Your Own Wedding Dress? Follow These 5 Awesome Tips

Are you about to tie the knot in the near future? If so, you’ve probably thought about whether to sew your own wedding gown or buy one. Well, if you’ve pondered this and read some dismal reports from others online who journeyed into the land of bridal sewing with poor results, don’t worry. This article will make you calm knowing that the experience can actually be positive and, above all, can result in a beautiful gown that’s uniquely you.

Give Yourself a Good Amount of Time

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First, you have to ensure that you have at least a year-and-a-half to plan your wedding. That should give you an ample of time you need to sew that dream wedding of yours. Of course, you don’t want to be rushed thus you have to take things slowly and carefully. Otherwise, you’ll be stressed – something that you wouldn’t want to happen for you and your dress!

Make Sure to Set a Budget

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Sewing your own dress will not necessarily be cheaper than purchasing a dress. You will most likely need an immense amount of fabric, and, depending up on your chosen fabric content, it may be costly. If your wedding has a strict budget, be sure to consider the cost of your dress materials carefully. Remember that it’s not only your main fabric that needs budgeting, but as well as muslin fabrics, linings, closures, and embellishments. Hence be wise enough to accumulate the right amount of money.

Try Some Dresses First

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You should know that the best way to discover your dream dress style is to actually try one on. Yes, so go ahead and make a day of shopping. You can ask your friends or loved ones to accompany you. Try on different silhouettes and find out which style speaks to you. Take photos and use them for your inspiration. By figuring out your gown likes and dislikes, you’ll have a better idea of where your own pattern should start. Plus, you’ll have the unique experience of trying on gowns in a bridal salon, which can be so much fun!

Determine Your Limits

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This one here is just so important, especially if you’ve never sewn a garment before. You must understand that it’s not a good idea to make your wedding dress if don’t set limitations. It doesn’t necessarily mean that a beginner can’t sew a wedding dress, but it’s more of distinguishing if your sewing skills are quite enough. Besides, you don’t want to sew a dress that will only make your wedding preparation too complicated. Furthermore, as for the design, go for a simpler one or get someone more experienced to help you.

Gather As Much Inspiration for Your Wedding Dress

Try look at bridal magazines and wedding websites, snagging photos of dresses you love. That way you’ll have an idea of what dress you’d like to sew. It’s also a great way to source inspiration, as you would have lots of ideas to choose from. Figure out which aspects of these gowns appeal to you and what embellishments are must-haves for your dream gown.

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Lastly, don’t try to limit yourself to looking at wedding gowns, especially if you don’t want the same as every other modern bride. Peruse the photos in books (or on websites) of historical and retro fashion, couture fashion, film costuming — anything that will inspire you. Join these together and mold them to create your own dress.


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