Weighing In on Online and Offline Sewing Shops
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  • Posted July 12, 2016
Weighing In on Online and Offline Sewing Shops

Weighing In on Online and Offline Sewing Shops

Weighing In on Online and Offline Sewing Shops

Just like most stores and products these days, sewing shops are also migrating to the e-commerce field, making it easier for most of us to check out almost any sewing material we need. However, despite the popularity of online sewing shops of today, it is interesting to know how some major sewing shops still thrive up to today even without building their own online shopping site.

Sewing as a vintage hobby

Judging from how old some of the sewing shops in Europe are, it is safe to say that sewing has been around for centuries. That’s even before blogging about it became so popular. And as a sewing enthusiast and hobbyist, it should be one of the goals to actually visit the most vintage sewing shops around that are still amazingly still operating until now. Majority of the sewing shops may not have an online catalogue yet, but people still patronize them for their decade-proven high quality materials, including threads, sewing accessories, and patterns. These are also the go-to shop for those who has been looking for classic finds that are getting harder to find these days.

A trip to these vintage and offline sewing shops will also seem like walking down the memory lane. Beyond the goodies that you will get out from the store, there are also stories from the owners themselves that you can take away. It literally gives you an added experience in your sewing journey to visit these offline shops from time to time. When it comes to quality of the products, you can also expect them to be authentic and of high quality.

Online Sewing Shops

Now, we go to one of every sewing blogger’s guilt trip – the online sewing shops. They have literally made everything convenient and tempting for us. With just few clicks, you can already have new set of threads and fabric in your doorstep in a matter of days. Even renowned sewing shops already have their own online shops, which make the shopping experience even more fun. Online sewing shops are also the convenient choice for those who have highly specific needs. For instance, there are now online shops that are focusing solely on silk fabric. There are also online thread and needles shop.

The only challenge is actually on how to decipher which ones have the best quality, or whether the products being sold are truly authentic. Several sewing materials can unfortunately be easily imitated, and a lot of them are also circulating online.


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