Importance of having a strong and reliable Sewing Table
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  • Posted July 28, 2016
Importance of having a strong and reliable Sewing Table

Why is Sewing Table so Important?

Why is Sewing Table so Important?

For professional seamstress, a sewing table is a necessity. However, for those like us who is only doing sewing as a past time or hobby, a sewing table may be the last on the to-buy list. Aside from it being a bulk purchase, it will also take up space in our creative room. This is why the popular tendency is to settle for whatever table is already available around the house or room.

After all, it’s relatively easy to place a sewing machine on any table top, especially if it is portable. However, years into my sewing hobby, I have learned to appreciate sewing tables more and more. Here’s why:

Larger Workspace

I never realize how a sewing table can actually create more working space for me. The table is essentially designed to organize all the sewing paraphernalia, so you can have a more breathable space for sewing. There’s also no need to transfer to another table for some pinning and quick measuring since the sewing machine table also has sufficient space for that. I can even do quilting on the new table, now.

Proper Storage

It also significantly reduced my clutter to at least 50 percent, quite indirectly, though. Once I started to fill the sewing machine table with my necessities, I also started to sort many of the stuff I’ve been stocking inside boxes. I realized that most of them were not really put to good news. So, by having the sewing table with me, I was sort of compelled to choose the ones that I use regularly, and that really helped in simplifying things for me.

Ergonomic Sewing

There is no denying about the possible risks and dangers that sewing can do to our bodies, especially the eyes, hands, and back. Today’s sewing machine tables are designed to address these problems, ensuring your utmost comfort even after sewing for long hours. This is something that regular tables are not design for, so you may be putting your back and hands at risk by using them long-term.

Sewing machine tables come in many designs and types so it’s important to know your sewing needs first so you know exactly what type to buy.


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