Joining A Sewing Club And The Benefits You Get
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  • Posted September 19, 2016
Joining A Sewing Club And The Benefits You Get

Why Join Sewing Clubs

Why Join Sewing Clubs

Today, I read a blog about one of the founders of a sewing blog from our town. I didn't realize clubs like this still existed, especially with the advent of blogs and other online communities. It was a truly refreshing take especially coming from a hobbyist like me. There are few things that I realized from her own experience with joining a sewing club, and from my own secluded world of sewing.

One which is the importance of real human connection. Based on their experiences, there are actually certain learning that you can only learn from interacting with people in the flesh, instead of simply communicating online. We are all guilty of somehow talking online with the end goal of leading more readers to our blog or post. With sewing clubs, you talk for the mere sake of talking, of sharing tips and experiences.

In sewing clubs, you also get to meet those who have been sewing for years and have managed to keep their hobbies offline. They do certainly have a fresh new take on progressing with their sewing skills. While they pull in resources online, these are also the people who still invest in sewing magazines and copies of sewing patterns. Once you are in the club, you get to check them out, or even borrow it.

Now, that sounds like a lot of fun!

Sewing Clubs also organize various activities, which is definitely a good diversion from your usual sewing routine. Admittedly, there days when we reach a 'sewing block' - when no sort of inspiration or project idea seem to excite us, anymore. So, having these group activities to look forward to is definitely a great wear to keep the motivation going. Most of the activities are for different levels, so it's also a good way to level up your skills and creativity.

Finally, the blog also shared how it can be easier to build a network of readers from a sewing club, alone. Instead of merely exchanging links, your interaction with your club mates becomes more organic and genuine. Plus, you also get more diverse topics for your next blog posts with your regular sewing club interaction.

Here some of the various sewing clubs in Europe with a fully functional website:

Sew It With Love, London

Address: Yellow Studio Old Paradise Yard 20 Carlisle Lane London SE1 7LG


Stitchtopia, global

Address: Arena Travel, Explorer House, 2 Betts Avenue, Martlesham Heath, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP5 3RH


Sew Over It, LondonAddress: 78 Landor Road, London, SW9 9PHWebsite:


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